Friday, 22 February 2013

Don't bother the dwarf!

Dwarves are fun. They are the fantasy archetype of stubbornness, obstinacy, determination, rigor and materialism..and no matter how they try to be serious, they will always keep a strong comical factor...
and I mean.. they recall Yosemite Sam... Anyway I did this in two evenings. just to play with the fresh installed Manga Studio, that's perfect for inking!
Below there is also the gallery with some work in progress and all the color versions I tried..enjoy!
And remember..everyone has a little greedy obstinate surly dwarf inside... just have to mess around the right things to awake him! 

Pencils: Moleskine 
Inking: Manga Studio (first try)
Coloring: Photoshop CS6
Total time: 5 hours (two evenings)


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