Tuesday, 19 November 2013

"Altra cosa che mi importa", from the raw sketch to the final - raw - work

Here's finally the complete artwork born from the words of Lorenzomonfreg, for his Digital Poetry Blog http://lorenzomonfreg.com

Hard to properly translate the words in english..

it basically deals with throwing our own heart

to the sun 

and go getting it back more beautiful..

Click on READ MORE to see the High Resolution final version and images from various steps of the whole process (including deleted variants and mistakes) -  from the early pencils to the inks and the digital coloring!

Click on the image and scroll down to see it at full resolution

Raw pencil sketch

pencils, close up

Inking - 1

Inking - 2

Inking - 3

Inking - 4

Removed detail.. "free.."

Peace Frog! (if you don't catch the quote you're not a true The Doors fan)

Inks, digitally corrected, final edit

Grey tones (not the ending versions..can you get the differences / mistakes?)

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